October 27, 2010

a Coffee trip

Well, let me take you on a coffee-making trip since the coffee plays an important part in Macedonian culture and it's different from other kinds of coffee. It's actually the method of preparation, not the kind of coffee.

I took a lot of coffee packets, here in China. :) And I brought the pot called gjezve.This coffee is also called Turkish coffee and it originates from the Ottoman period in Macedonia.

This is my heart coffee jar. Bought in China. :)

I put a teaspoonful of the ground coffee per cup. The amount of coffee may be varied to taste. I put little sugar too.

And this time I got a sugar heart. This is actually how it happened to share this story ( though, I might have told you this before, if you remember my coffee hearts). I put the sugar and was astonished to see a heart.

Then I poured in cold water in the pot.

Next step was
heating the pot as slowly as possible.

Sometimes it overflows, if you dont watch it boiling.

For me, it makes a fantastic after meal drink.
A well-prepared coffee has a thick foam at the top. Obviously this was not he case. :P

The smiley badge made me company. I love its tiny cute heart.

The grounds left after drinking the coffee can be used for fortune-telling. There are a few hearts here too.
The cup is usually turned over into the saucer to cool and then the patterns of the coffee grounds can be used for a kind of fortune telling.

I was doing this with my girl friends in high school every single day. Ahhh miss those days. So much fun then.

Usually having this coffee means enjoying your time with the people you care about. Now I drink my cup of coffee alone ( well, I had this smiley badge today ) and I do miss my family, friends home :(

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На здравје кафе.


☺lani☺ said...

I feel like having a cup of coffee now :), Happy Heart Thursday! You have lots of lovely hearts here, love them all!

Clytie said...

I'm drinking my coffee right now, so you're no longer alone! We'll have our coffee together!!!

That sugar heart is absolutely perfect, and I really like the coffee jar!

With all of those hearts in your grounds ... your fortune looks pretty good to me! :=}

P.S. I somehow ended up with one of those "gjezve" and never knew what it was. Now I do! Thank you!

LauraX said...

LOVE the sweet sugar heart!!!

Ebie said...

Dani, what a nice "coffee trip"! There are so many hearts in this post!

Nothing beats a warm coffee early in the morning...and that's one cup for the day!

Lyneen said...

What a lovely coffee trip... how fun enjoying this with your high school friends... love the hearts in the the grounds. I am sure the fortune that day is full of love!

Beth Niquette said...

Well, as is Sissy--I'm drinking my cuppa java as I write this, too.

What a lovely post--and so many unexpected hearts! But then, I'm not surprised.

Happy GHT!

Mª Zélia said...

Olá querida Dani!
Tomar café pra mim é um ritual sagrado! Todos os dias na hora do café fazemos o nosso planejamento do dia e aproveitamos para conversar sobre a família... Não me admiro em ver tantos corações neste agradável momento... Grata por compartilhar lindas fotos e tão belo momento!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

The first time, I drank the grounds ... I remember that forever ... nice documentary, glad we like 2 things.. coffee and photography !