November 23, 2010

Swan hearts

I'm not quite sure what these are, but might be some strange kind of gourds. But their S-swan shape caught my eye. And two of them even make a heart. Amazing! :)

November 20, 2010

Shadow hearts

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November 18, 2010

Bell pepper heart

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Have a colorful weekend.

Hearts hugging ginkgo tree

See the rainbow sun ray? Pointing to the hearts. :)))

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November 15, 2010

Hidden hearts...

There are hearts here..Hidden.
I fell in love with this tree. So unusual. Unique.
As always I have no idea of its name...

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November 14, 2010

a hole in the heart

Once there was a boy who often lost his temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him: every time you can't refrain from getting angry or want to fight , hammer a nail in the wall.

The first day, the boy nailed 37 nails, he was simply tired to death.
A few days later he learned to control his temper, he hammered less and less nails each day. He found out that it's much easier not to get angry than hammer a nail.
A month later, one day he did not hammer a single nail, he was pleased to tell his father.
The father said: "From now on, if you do not get angry a day, one can pull out a nail from the wall
. "
Day after day and finally all nails were plucked out.
The father
said: "You have done well, but there will always be holes in the wall.

Like you fight with someone, that person will have a heart hole, no matter how much you apologize, the wound is always

A Chinese story.

Enjoy your day with your family and friends.

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November 13, 2010

Chocolate traces heart

I have to admit I missed this heart. When I showed this photo to my friend, she saw a heart. And there it is. One half is chocolate traces and the other is the paper itself. How delicate.

The nature is just amazing!

Bleeding Heart

Image courtesy ESA

Water flows from the heart-shaped northern lobe of the Aral Sea in Central Asia, as seen in a recently released picture taken by the ESA/NASA Landsat 5 satellite. Once the world's fourth-largest inland body of water, the Aral Sea has been shrinking over the past 50 years as water has been diverted for irrigation.

The whitish area surrounding the lake is a vast salt plain, now called the Aralkum Desert, left behind by the evaporating sea.

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November 11, 2010

Hearty leaves

This group of hearty leaves smiled at me the other day near the bridge as I was waiting a friend. You see, the middle leaf has eyes. lol..My fave, though, is that tiny yellow baby leaf..

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Singles day heart

Today one of the teachers gave us a lollipop as present for a Singles day.
Honestly I didn't know there was such a holiday.

Guang Gun Jie
光棍节 or Singles day is a Chinese pop culture holiday on November 11 for people who are still living the single life.

Happy Singles day to the single ones wishing you to find your love soon.

I did. :)

Happy 11.11.

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November 10, 2010

November 7, 2010

chocolate cherry heart

Mmmm...Can you find the heart?
The second photo offers you one delicious heart.

November 4, 2010

Green tea heart

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November 2, 2010

a Pagoda in a Heart hug

The bush with the red leaves makes a heart. It's hugging the pagoda :)

November 1, 2010

Mandarina heart

This is one of my favorite hearts ever! I just love tangerine (or mandarin orange).

My heart world welcomes you!
Happy November!

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