March 24, 2011

Coffee ground heart

..and there it is. A huge coffee ground coffee...
In case you are wondering what kind of coffee it is ( some of you already know), please check out here.

Guest Heart Thursday

March 22, 2011

March 20, 2011

Banana peel heart

...praying for Japan...
...sending my heart thoughts to people suffering... heart, your heart...

March 18, 2011

Panda eye heart

I got this slipper for two feet for Christmas but just yesterday I noticed it has a heart eye.

I dedicate this panda heart for Japanese. I hope and believe they strong to overcome this disaster.
My heart thoughts go out to Japan . My prayers are with the people affected by the earthquake.

Being in China, 100km away from Beijing, I'm also worried about the potential radiation.
China is in panic buying salt because people believe it could help ward off the effects of potential radioactivity from Japan’s nuclear power plant. Chinese hope iodine in the salt can reduce the impact of possible radioactivity. Some people also believe future salt could be contaminated by the disaster and were buying now to stock up on supply.

Listening all the new reporting panic in China my family is also concerned. China's ministry of environmental protection has said so far no abnormal radiation levels had been detected from Fukushima, which is 1,000km from the nearest part of north-eastern China.

I just hope I wont have to leave soon. But...

March 17, 2011

Package heart

Cupcake package folding a heart.

March 11, 2011

Japanese soup hearts

I was having Miso soup (Wiki) this morning when these cute tofu heart appeared. One of my Japanese classmates gave me the soup, since I've mentioned to her I'd had it before and I love it. And this one, original from Japan was just so tasty! My day had a great start! :)

EDITED: I'm shocked to find about the devastating earthquake in Japan. My friend says she has relatives in that region and can't contact them.
My thoughts are with the people in Japan, hoping to recover quickly.

March 10, 2011

A smile and a heart

A tiny cold heart in the river. Luckily the river has started melting, it's getting warmer and nicer.
I can feel the spring is coming. Yee haw!!!

And this frozen huge smile is for YOU, heart-followers!

I've just noticed this is my 100th post. But I think I have more than 100 hearts.

Have a lovely weekend!

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March 8, 2011

Orange peel heart

Have a healthy week!

A heart in my hands

I'm sharing this heart for all the women around the world.
Happy 8th of March!

March 3, 2011

A heart nose

I'm back from Guangzhou. Afte 27 hours in the train, I finally am here in Tianjin. Honestly, I miss GZ. I miss the hot weather...
Well, the rabbit I got has a hearty nose. I noticed it right now while sitting on the computer. It just smiled at me.