November 14, 2010

a hole in the heart

Once there was a boy who often lost his temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him: every time you can't refrain from getting angry or want to fight , hammer a nail in the wall.

The first day, the boy nailed 37 nails, he was simply tired to death.
A few days later he learned to control his temper, he hammered less and less nails each day. He found out that it's much easier not to get angry than hammer a nail.
A month later, one day he did not hammer a single nail, he was pleased to tell his father.
The father said: "From now on, if you do not get angry a day, one can pull out a nail from the wall
. "
Day after day and finally all nails were plucked out.
The father
said: "You have done well, but there will always be holes in the wall.

Like you fight with someone, that person will have a heart hole, no matter how much you apologize, the wound is always

A Chinese story.

Enjoy your day with your family and friends.

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☺lani☺ said...

Interesting story, but that's really true! Once done, there will always be a mark (damage). Happy Sunday Dani!

Your photo and story have relavant!

JayLeigh said...

Wow, that story really makes one think! And I love the picture you've posted together with it. Thank you for sharing!

fairchildstreet said...

Thank you for visiting. So true there will always be a heart hole. Charmaine

Clytie said...

I only hope my holes will be HEART holes, not nail holes. Sigh. What a thought provoking post, Dani.

LauraX said...

I've always loved that story! Very cool photo too!

Ebie said...

Dani, there's a lot of morals in this story, how touching.