January 24, 2011

Welcome thirties...

My last day of my twenties.
I'm feeling...
I just know I'm
Ready for the next decade.
Ready for my awesome thirties...


texwisgirl said...

Oh, I was extremely relieved to hit my 30s. Those terrible, angst-filled, painful growing into adulthood 20s were finally over and I could settle into myself. I'm well into my 40s now and they're not too bad either - just even more relaxed than the 30s. So enjoy this next decade! I have no doubt that you will!

LauraX said...

The forties are even better...you'll see in time...life has many gifts in store for you Dani!

Terry said...

Oh my gosh turning thirty was the most wonderful time of my life.
I finally felt at home in my own skin :)
Becoming forty was fabulous I had confidence in myself :)
Fifty was fantastic as I no longer worried what other people might think about me ,I just enjoyed being myself and what I had left to learn about me .
I knew that I had lots of things to do and at the same time no one was promised to live to be a hundred so I beagan to enjoy the moment and purposed to learn something new each day .
Happy Birthday to you and may you live all the days of your life to the fullest ,finding hearts all along the way .
Until next time
Happy Trails

Sofijana Stamenković said...

Najbolje tek dolazi... veruj mi... zato - uživaj u godinama koje su pred tobom!
Srećan rođendan!