January 9, 2012

on a Christmas morning...

Im sorry Ive missed GHT for a few weeks. Ive been busy studying for my exams, getting ready for my home trip. Now Im in Macedonia. We celebrated Christmas (Orthodox one) just yesterday and I was overwhelmed cuz I got snow as a present. This my small hometown.
And look! There a heart window on the sky! Simply unbelievable..

~Wishing a cheerful and bright new 2012~

Guest Heart Thursday


Clytie said...

It saw you coming and wanted to give you a HEARTY welcome home!!!

I'm so glad to see you back, Dani. I've missed you! But I don't envy you the "studying for exams" part. I'm just way too old for that! :=}

Snow!!! Wow. We haven't had a flake this year, just blah rain or fog.

Inger-M said...

What a beautiful way to put it; a heart window, I love it! So glad you spotted it!

Sandra said...

it is very beautiful and thanks for that wonderful view of the sky the town and the heart in the sky

Debbie said...

postcard pretty, that's a lot more snow then i got!!

great eye on the heart!!

teri said...

Happy Christmas season, and a heart filled new year. As always love your hearts!