April 4, 2011

Tree heart

These days the weather is amazingly warm and i have to study. It's just not fair. Anyhow I went for a short walk yesterday and took lovely photos. The sun light was awesome. And, of course found some beautiful hearts.

You see the heart? It's on the first tree, up between the two branches, it's formed by two shadow lines and the tree itself.

p.s. Im having really important exam on Saturday, so I might not post a lot this week.

Have a nice start to the new week.


texwisgirl said...

good luck with the studying and the exam! may the hearts be with you!

Mors Hjertekurv said...

The weather seem to be good when ever we need to do something different . The heart is great :D
Really good spotted <3 Good luck on your exam :D

Trisha said...

What a great heart!

Evelyn said...

Good luck with your exam Dani. Hope you breeze through it. :) Give me a line if you want to and have time, when in Beijing. I am in Wudaokou (uni district) up north.

Inger-M said...

Just amazing! Great capture!