December 10, 2010

Care for some heart chestnut?

I love Chinese boiled chestnut. and this hearty one was even tastier... :)

Guest Heart Thursday


Clytie said...

Dani, you are amazing. To find the heart of a chestnut ... how absolutely COOL!!!

I've never actually eaten chestnuts before. You say 'boiled', when all I've ever heard was they have to be 'roasted'. I wonder if there is a difference ???

Dani said...

There is. Back home we usually have them roasted. At this time of the year when its so cold. We sometimes boil them but I didn't like them boiled.

While here I haven't seen roasted (so far) and these are quite different from those that we boil in Macedonia. (im sure they put some secret ingredient :P)

Chestnuts are quite more expensive than the rest of the fruit so when I buy some it's a special treat..

Hope you have a chance to try one day, dear Clytie.

Wind said...

Ha ha, hearts everywhere...
Yes, I have also a lot of images with this subject!
Best regards!

Lyneen said...

I used to be surprised where hearts were found... now I believe they are every where... we just need to look!
Thanks for Sharing

Inger-M said...

Just imagine, a tasty heart! I have never tried chestnuts either, I'll have to, some day :-)

☺lani☺ said...

love chestnuts!